Steel Panther - Sheffield Motorpoint Arena 13-12-2011

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Steel Panther - Sheffield Motorpoint Arena 13-12-2011

Postby Rockingbear » Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:35 pm

Steel Panther

Sheffield Motorpoint Arena – Tuesday 13th December 2011

You would think that on a cold December evening, with an early start time, that the venue would have the doors open early. Not opening the doors until 6.00pm literally left thousands of people out in the cold when Steel Panther hit the stage at 6.30pm.

As the backing intro track “In The Future” played I was fearful that the sound was going to be awful but, thankfully, the latter was not the case. Opening with a salvo of “Supersonic Sex Machine” and “Tomorrow Night” from the superb new album “Balls Out” it was clear that Steel Panther were quite at home in the large arena setting.

In between songs it became more like a comedy show, very much blue in its nature. Taking lead in the joking to the crowd was guitarist “Satchel” (Russ Parish) announcing at one point that bassist “Lexxi Foxxx” (Travis Haley) had his first sexual encounter at the age of eight….with his uncle! Despite their being a large number of under-eighteens in the audience Steel Panther certainly did not censor any of their show, saying that the kids have got to learn some how!

“Asian Hooker” was the first of three from tracks to be taken from 2009’s debut album “Feel the Steel” and went down with the ever-increasing crowd. Next up was a song about f*%$ing seventeen girls one after another and it was not the one that we all expected but the hilarious “Just Like Tiger Woods” (Warning: do not listen to this song for the first time while driving your car; I almost came off the road!).

Lead singer “Michael Starr” (Ralph Sanez) announced half way through the set, “For those just arriving this is not Poison on the stage.”

Satchell interjected, “And Bret Michaels has not just gained fifty pounds!”

More crowd banter and a brief but highly competent guitar solo from Satchell preceded “Gold-Digging Whore”. To hear the crowd singing the fabulous chorus “G-O-L-D-D-I-GG-I-N-G-W-H-O-R”…….”E” was really amusing.

The power ballad “Community Property” was followed by “17 Girls In A Row” featuring a female from the audience up on stage dancing with her breasts hung over her undersized Jack Daniels’ t-shirt. The band had been careful to check that she was of legal age, “It’s 13 over here isn’t it?” piped Satchell!

The set was brought to fitting climax with the classic “Death To All But Metal” and featured the powerhouse drumming of “Stix Zadinia” (Darren Leader) and the band left the stage having warmed up the now approximately 8,000 strong audience.

Steel Panther may be a parody of “hair metal” from the eighties but along with the musical “Rock Of Ages” they are certainly spearheading a revival in its popularity with both the young and old alike.

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