House of Lords - James Christian lipsynching?

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House of Lords - James Christian lipsynching?

Postby Barnephiliac » Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:59 pm


I don’t know if this subject has been brought up before (if it has been, I’m sorry), but I wanted to know if anyone of you attended a House of Lords show the last few years and found James singing suspiciously good.

I’m about the go to a HOL show next week, but I heard that James (Christian) is NOT singing live and is doing ‘The Journey’ (lipsynching to pre-recorded LEAD vocals). I experienced this one time with Journey at the Arrow festival (Augeri was the singer then) in Holland and I still blame them for fooling the fans.

Anyway, I got this information from the singer of one support act when HOL played in Holland last year. He watched the show from the side and said the way James ‘sang’ looked very unnatural (He literally said that his vocals didn’t match with his movements). Also a journalist reviewed another Dutch gig as being virtually a playback session of the ‘Live in the UK’ cd (referring to the lead vocals here).

I only was able to compare a 07 US bootlegrecording of a few songs to the Live in the Uk cd and indeed they sounded VERY similair!

Anyone ‘in the know’ on James’ ‘tricks’?
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