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Re: The Big Interview W/Dan Rather

Postby Toph » Thu May 24, 2018 3:50 am

You all crack me up. Its one extreme or the other! No, I'm not Dennis himself. But I not just a typical fan either. Carry on
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Re: The Big Interview W/Dan Rather

Postby Boomchild » Thu May 24, 2018 10:50 am

Toph wrote:You all crack me up. Its one extreme or the other! No, I'm not Dennis himself. But I not just a typical fan either. Carry on

Hey masque, notice Toph completely ignored and never answered your direct and reasonable questions? That's called deflection. He doesn't have real answers. His '"inside contact" doesn't exist, PERIOD. He just uses it as a way to defend his positions. It truly is pathetic. Actually it may be some type of mental disorder. You know like people who fixate on a celebrity and actually believe they have a personal relationship with them. With how over board he goes with DDY, I wouldn't be surprised if he stalks him.
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Re: The Big Interview W/Dan Rather

Postby masque » Thu May 24, 2018 11:34 pm

Toph wrote:You all crack me up. Its one extreme or the other! No, I'm not Dennis himself. But I not just a typical fan either. Carry on

well people have told me I'm funny all my life.

but with that said, I actually wasn't trying to crack you up. I actually trying to understand who and what you are all come across so venomous many times that it totally derails what could be decent discussions. it seems like, and I could be wrong, that basically anyone that prefers TS or JY over DDY is drinking "bathwater" or some other derogatory statement. I just dont understand why it is so offensive to you that others think more highly of members other than DDY than you do? Or why their continuing relationships, or lack there of, matters to the music they created and have left us?

regardless of whether DDY was the greatest guy on the earth or the biggest asshole, it doesn't change at all how I feel about the albums and songs he has created. he's not my friend.....I'm not going on vacation with him anytime soon. I just admire his music and talent and the same for TS and JY.

if you sat down and asked 100 different people to list their favorite members of franchises like;

star trek
star wars
lord of the rings
led zeppelin
fleetwood mac
the avengers

or any other pop entity, you will no doubt find lots of answers of who fans prefer different members from each of those franchises and bands etc.

lots of people like peter chriss from kiss the best, yet he was a drummer that wrote VERY VERY little......the one hit he had, was a total and complete departure from the bands sound and what they were known for. NOone could argue that gene, paul and ace, brought more to the table from a writing standpoint, yet lots of people list peter as their fave.

who should be your fave from lord of the rings? gandalf? frodo? aragorn? what about gollum? any of those answers would be fine with me and you will find lots of people who will land on different characters.

so why can't it be that way with styx? why can't people have faves other than DDY and not get crucified for it on here by you? I am honest to god not trying to stir shit, I am truly just trying to understand why it is such a passionate "youre either for me or agin me" kind of thing for you?
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Re: The Big Interview W/Dan Rather

Postby scarab » Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:14 am

I heard this a good interview, a 5 min clip or so is all i could find, With Perry's one coming soon it would be nice to see all of Styx's one. HEarts one is on youtube and its like 51 minutes.

Can you stream them on their website?

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