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Least favorite song per album

Postby ChicagoSTYX » Wed Apr 03, 2019 6:30 am

If I could remove a song from a Styx album:
Eddie from Cornerstone
High Crimes from BNW
Jennifer from CB
Bourgeois Pig from Cyclo
Back To Chicago from EOC
High Time from KWH
Lonely People from PT
Mission To Mars from The Mission
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Re: Least favorite song per album

Postby yogi » Thu Apr 04, 2019 3:24 am

Styx 1- After You Leave Me
Styx 2 - Im Gonna Make You Feel It
Serpent Is Rising- Jonas Psalter
Man Of Miracles - A Man Like Me
Equinox - Mother Dear ( although I LOVE the ENTIRE album)
Crystal Ball - Shooz
The Grand Illusion - Superstars ( although its a really good song)
Pieces of Eight - Lords Of The Ring
Cornerstone - Eddie
Paradise Theater - ( Lonely People & She Cares tie dislike them both ALOT)
Kilroy Was Here - ( High Time & Cold War both PUTRID)
Edge Of The Century - Homewrecker
Brave New World - ( 4 songs tie for the top 4 worst Styx songs EVER they all belong in the Plexiglass Toilet
a) High Crimes & Misdemeanors ( rather listen to Hip Hop)
b) Best New Face( Worst New Song)
c) Just Fell In ( to a manic depression listening to this song)
d) Great Expectations ( listen to this one with friends so you dont kill yourself)
Cyclorama - Together
The Mission - Mission To Mars
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