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Postby debbski » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:51 am

It's finally happening. I've been talking about doing this for a number of years and it's sort of a dream.

From when I was old enough to enter a pub and buy my own beer.......bout 16 I think :lol: Rock Music has surrounded me, kept me warm, happy and positive. I was diagnosed with kidney failure at 5 and now having received my third kidney transplant in 2006 I couldn't belive the lack of knowledge surrounding me afterwards let alone over the 7 years I spent on dialysis. In order for things to get better for patients, this has to change.

I am therefore putting on a show in conjunction with Kidney Research UK to try to raise awareness about kidney disease, the ups and downs and a few facts. Not many people stand up for this but I think I have to.

The event takes place between 19th and 21st November 2010 and yes, I know we're sandwiched between Firefest and Hard Rock Hell, but this event will appeal to all walks of the rock fraternity. Like Hard Rock Hell and Hammerfest, we are putting our event on via Pontins but for this one, it will be in Southport, right by the sea :D

Tickets include 2 nights accommodation and range between £79 and £149. There will be 2 arenas each night and an unsigned stage on Saturday 20th afternoon. Please head over to the current site whilst the website is being transformed at

There you can listen to most of the bands and see the quality of acts taking part. Grizz Chapman from US Comedy Show 30 Rock will be putting together a video message for us as he is also a kidney patient and the gorgeous Robin Beck is currently in discussion over how she can get involved as she too has some personal experience. On that one, I'll keep you posted.

Headliners should be confirmed in the next week at which point, I promise that ticket sales will go through the roof so if you think you might want to go.........get your tickets now!!

If we reach our target, we may well be able to donate £50,000 to Kidney Research UK. If we reach our capacity..........well what can I say.

If anyone out there is part of a music industry company or knows anyone who is part of a company who might want to get involved in some sort of sponsorship? We have packages available which are negotiable and LOTS of advertising possibilities. Kidney Research UK are dealing with this officially so if you are interested or know someone who is, get in touch and I'll pass the details to Carol Bonham.

Thank you very much to everyone as always for their continued support and with your help once again...............this could make a real difference.

Have a great week

Debbie Adams
Event Organiser - patient for 35 years :wink:
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