I'm done worrying about the setlist

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I'm done worrying about the setlist

Postby BBKlima » Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:55 pm

It is what it is. If you had told me 30 years ago that I'd still be able to see the band live in 2017 I would have been ecstatic, regardless of the setlist. I've come to the following conclusions:

1) I will probably never see them again as a headliner (if I do get that chance I will jump at it)
2) The DY songs and covers are here to stay
3) I will never (unless I finally write my book and make millions and can commission them to play a concert for me) get to hear newer stuff and deep cuts live

Some of the things that soften the above:

1) I can still see them live. Maybe not on my terms but hey, beggars can't be choosers.
2) I have lots of live recordings of the band. So if I miss those songs I would like to hear I can always listen to those recordings.
3) Seeing great musicians is a treat regardless of the material they play. And these guys are great.

So I have changed my expectations, and have decided to appreciate that these guys still rock in their early 60s!
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Re: I'm done worrying about the setlist

Postby Aaron » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:49 pm

Fuck it sucks but I feel you dog.

The bottom line is their live is great.

They choose to suck ass to lesser bands that can't hold their ball sack not head lining.

They choose to do Damn Yankees and other covers in their set list which sucks.

I don't think their set list will change.

If they really want folks to come back they need to:
1. Own their position, they're the best band in the US at the moment, quit being pussies and own it.
2. Hit your own great tunes and quit being bitches to others with covers
3. Cover YOUR NEW MATERIAL. YOUR NEW SHIT IS WAY BETTER than the old stuff. Figure out a platform for the new material and deliver. It's a ton better than the old stuff that everyone knows and was really good stuff!
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