"Dawn Of Madness" Show

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"Dawn Of Madness" Show

Postby RumTumJM » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:44 am

Had the pleasure of seeing the guys do their "Dawn Of Madness", full-albums show last night, and WHAT A SHOW it was. It's been a while since I've seen a classic band, where nearly half the set was old-school tracks that I'd never heard live before. The only odd thing is that they didn't play Midnight Madness in the usual order. (They did for Dawn Patrol.) Perhaps, they want to make sure they closed the set with When You Close Your Eyes, Sister Christian & Rock In America.

Overall, the band sounded GREAT! They didn't let up for a second and played they less played songs with a lot of enegery and confidence. Jack's voice, in particular, sounded AMAZING! He didn't struggle at all. - Kelly, on the other hand, sounded like old age is starting to kick in, as he dodged a bunch of high notes and seemed to strain. He sounded great (and still played the drums like a madman), but perhaps, they should detune a few of his songs.

For those who are wondering what it was like, this YouTube video will give you the idea. (And, NO! I didn't take it or post it.)

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