Dennis on Moose FM.

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Dennis on Moose FM.

Postby gr8dane » Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:14 am

Was at the cottage and walked in to get something.
I then kinda heard the DJ say something about the lyrics to Desert Moon, were some of her favourites.
I thought there could only be one Desert Moon.
Sure enough, there was Dennis doing a short interview,for an upcoming show he is doing in Belleville Ontario, next week or so.
It will be with Lou Gramm opening.
Anyways.The bit talked about,Dennis saying ,'There is music for the head,the heart and the hips.
He liked to think he was making music for the heart.

Dj said that Dennis must have lots of interesting stories ?
He answered,yes,they all include lawyers. :lol:

He was asked which were his favourite songs to play,and he liked Come Sail Away and Don't Let It End the best.

Dennis said he loved the first Foreigner albums and Lou's voice.

That's about what I caught.

Maybe not that exciting,but there you go.
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