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Rockline 1999

Postby scarab » Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:22 pm

Sadly with the passing of Bob Coburn, I re listened to Rockline 1999 with Perry.
I must have missed this back in the day, but he states Against the Wall was recorded immediately after Street Talk.
Not to long ago, Steve stated he returned to Journey in late 1984 to record ROR.

I always had the impression ATW was recorded in 1988-9 ish. So Perry recorded 2 albums in 1984?
Or are the ATW songs recorded in the same sessions? Seems like the same players + Randy Jackson.
If this is true, why wouldnt Sony release it, ST went 2x Platinum or did they want to distance his solo career to ensure ROR would get made? (which I believe at the time only went 2X Platinum) 3X now I assume.
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