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Your Top 15

Postby wildgtar » Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:13 am

My name is Robby from Wisconsin in the USA. I have posted here a few times, but not often. I have an interesting question to pose to you. Please name up to 15 of your favorite RARE Melodic or AOR albums of all time. By rare, I mean bands that are NOT popular like Extreme, Journey and Night Ranger. You are not required to post 15. You can post only 3 if you'd like. For that matter, you can post MORE than 15 if you have some extra titles that you feel you NEED to mention. Here are some of mine:

Singsing s/t
Wild Horses - Bareback
Velocity - Impact
The Szuters - Best Of
Pistol Dawn - Conversation Piece
Adrian Gale - Live Programme
Millenium - s/t
Action - s/t
Fashion Police - Callin' All The Shots
Snakes In Paradise - E.P.
Steve Plunkett - My Attitude
Pole Position - s/t
Hugo - s/t

Okay people...please post up! Thank you!!!!
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