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1976 in Music

Postby Abitaman » Tue May 19, 2020 12:36 am

1. Eagles- Hotel California. This was my favorite release of 76. The story it tells, the mood of each song sells the album
2. Boston-Boston This release was almost first on my list. A huge party album, with soaring vocals, great production and big sound.
3. Rush-2112 First Rush music I ever listened to or heard (yes there is a difference between listening to and hearing). Was not sure what to make of it, but every time I went over to my friend's house I would listen to it.
4. ELO-A New World Record
5. AC/DC- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. One timeI went over to my friends' house and his older brother had this record. He said I have this import called dirty Deeds, I listened too and liked it. Everytime I went back I asked to listen to this import. And for a couple of years I thought AC/DC's name was Import.

There was maybe an album or two I listened to in 76, like Bob Seger and Kansas, but not enough to know the music and say it impacted me back then. Looking back both those would be in a top 10, plus a few others like Jackson Brown's album too.

Live Albums
1. Rush- All The World's a Stage This opened up Rush even more to me. Still had heard the first 3 yet, but what it showed was good. Sad to say, years later when I bought the first 3 Albums, I was really disappointed. They did not live up to the hype and excitement of the live album.
2. Bob Seger-Live Bullet Turn The Page was awesome. Like Rush, I had no idea who Bob was until I heard this live album. Never got the whole Segar collection until about 2017, don’t why I waited so long.

Greatest Hits/Best Of
1. Eagles-Their Greatest Hits -Need I say more!!
2. Doobie Brothers-Best of the Doobies First Dobbie (music wise) I ever listened to. Held up the D&D game to listen to both sides, (whenever we too a break playing, we would put one side a record on then do whatever, eat, bathroom break, then come back when it ended). The players got mad at me, but what could they do, I was DM.

1. Styx- Crystal Ball Was not too impressed with the new guy Tommy Shaw, past 2 albums (Miracles and Equinox) had been good, this was not. Jennifer was super creepy, Ballerine went on too long, Put Me On sounded like something left over from Serpent, and the only way any could like Shooz is if they drank too much booze (I know..) The song I like was Crystal Ball, by the new guy I did not care too much for at the time (glad he proved me wrong).

1. More Than a Feeling - Boston
2. Hotel California - Eagles
3. Life in the Fast Lane -Eagles
4. Living Thing - ELO
5. Somebody to Love - Queen

1. Crystal Ball - Styx Did not like the album, at the time, still low on the list today, but really like the song. Do not know if it was released as a single or not, if it was, then # 3 on the single list.
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