1979 in music for me

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1979 in music for me

Postby Abitaman » Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:14 am


My favorite albums

1) AC/DC - Highway to Hell Discovered that the group I thought was Import was actually
AC/DC I was able to find their earlier albums. But this was the best of the Bon Scott
2) Styx - Cornerstone Just a little too soft to take the top spot.

3) Supertramp - Breakfast in America. My Uncle from Chicago got me listening to them.

4) The Cars - Candy-O

5) Whitesnake - Love Hunter.

6) The Eagles - The Long Run

7) Blondie - Eat to the Beat

8) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Damn the Torpedoes

9) Foreigner - Head Games

10) Molly Hatchet - Flirtin With Disaster I am not much into Southern Rock, but this was a good album

Favorite Live Albums

1) Queen - Live Killers. Remember liking this a lot when it came out. Mus say not a fan of it anymore.

Favorite Greatest Hits/Best of

1) ELO - ELO’s Greatest Hits

Worst Follow Up/ Most Over Hyped

1) Toto-Hydra Nothing like the debut album
2) Van Halen-Van Halen II Too much like the debut, just not as good. A lot of people like this album, listened to it a couple of times, never taped or bought it, till about 20 years later.

My favorite songs of the year

1) Babe - Styx One of the greatest most heartfelt love songs,ever!
2) Let’s Go-Cars I would go, if Candy-O was going. Very upbeat
3) Dreaming- Blondie In those days I was dreaming of Blondie.
4) Heartache Tonight -Eagles
5) Take the Long Way Home- Supertramp
6) Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin - Journey Evolution did not make the top 10, only 3 songs I cared for on the album, this is one.
7) Boat on the River -Styx
8) Highway to Hell - AC/DC
9) Candy-O - The Cars
10) Walking in the Shadow’s of the Blues - Whitesnake Still one of my favorite Whitsnake songs
11) Too Late -Journey
12) Walk All Over You - AC/DC
13) The Logical Song- Supertramp
14) The Devil Went Down to Georgia- Charlie Daniels Band
15) Sad Cafe -Eagles
16) Atomic -Blondie
17) Lonesome Loser-Little River Band
18) Goodbye Stranger- Supertramp
19) We Got Tonight -Bob Seger
20) Lady -Little River Band
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