1982 a boring year

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1982 a boring year

Postby Abitaman » Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:55 am

1982, I never thought it was a good year for music, at least the music I liked. Radio seemed stale for the most part and the groups I liked either didn’t relaese anything (like the year before) or what was released by them wasn’t near as good.

1) Asia-Asia Never knew who John Wetton was until this album, been a fan ever since.
2) Toto-Toto IV Their best, still
3) Chicago-16 Never really a Chicago fan, aside from some singles, but this was the start of a decades long run of albums I really liked.
4) [b]Phil Collins-Hello I Must Be Going[/b]
5) John Cougar-American Fool
6) Duran Duran-Rio Hold Back the Rain in one of my top 5 Duran Duran songs
7) Rush-Signals Good album, but a bit of a disappointment after last 2 studio releases.
8) Don Henley-I Can’t Still
9) Sammy Hagar-3 Lock Box Good release, but I think Standing Hampton, released year before, is a better album, but it did not make my list last year, for some reason I did not discover that album until about 1985
10) Michael Jackson-Thriller
11) Judas Priest-Screaming for Vengeance
12) Glenn Frey-No Fun Aloud
13) REO Speedwagon-Good Trouble A good album, but their worst since REO
14) Kansas-Vinyl Confessions
15) Survivor-Eye of the Tiger

Best Live

Best of/Hits
1) Eric Clapton-The Best of Eric Clapton Eric’s albums, never been a fan, to much blues, to much instrumental, whatever the issue…This put all the songs I like up to this time frame, in one place, and the album got listened to more than just about any album that year.

Worst Album/over hyped
1) Black Sabbath-Live Evil After two great albums with Ronnie Dio, I was looking forward to this, and it was two albums of crap, I have geard bootlegs that sound better.
2) Blondie-The Hunter This was even worse that her last horride studio album (autoamerican). The end of my love affair with Debbie Harry.
3) Ric Ocasek- Beatitude After 4 Cars albums (3 of them really good) he releases his first solo album that is as sterile as the moon. No life to the songs and a lifeless production

1) Don’t Pay the Ferryman-Chris Deburg -D&D explored song, whole campaign based on it.
2) Heat of the Moment-Asia
3) Come On Eileen- Dixie Midnight Runners Very fun song, album was not.
4) Hard to Say I’m Sorry-Chicago
5) Don’t Care Anymore-Phil Collins
6) Eye of the Tiger-Survivor
7) Hold Back the Rain-Duran Duran
8) Electric Eye-Judas Priest
9) Dirty Laundry-Don Henley
10) Can You Take It –John Cougar
11) Don’t Give Up-Glenn Frey
12) Stillness of the Night-REO Speedwagon
13) Time Will Tell-Asia
14) Africa-Toto
15) Fantasy-Aldo Nova
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