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1983 Was Here

Postby Abitaman » Thu Jun 18, 2020 6:23 am

1983 was a strange year for me in music. My tastes were everywhere. Over the years I can look back and see what I liked and still like it about the same. This was really a different year. On my lists I look at things as best as I can remember them, I try to keep my feelings for it now off the list. But looking back at this year, all I can say if all this music that was released in 83, was released in 2020, the line up woulf be different.

1) Styx-Kilroy Was Here This is one of things that would have been different. This would not be sitting at # 1 as it was then. KWH is a good album, and the concept to a 18 was great, and the concert was fantastic. Being older now the original concept doesn’t hold up as good. It does hold up with what is going on in 2020 (see in Styx…Kilroy was Here 2020 to see how I mean). It would be somewhere in between 9-14 now days. I would give it a B/B- today (81-87).
2) Journey-Frontiers Another great album, even with a handful of slow songs, it still kicks ass almost the whole way through. Side 2 has a couple of okay songs, but otherwise great.
3) Dio-Holy Diver Dio’s best solo album that ranks up there with his first 2 Black Sabbath albums. VC a great guitarist, Ronnie’s best lyrics. Solid!!
4) Billy Joel-An Innocent Man Start to finish Billy’s best work. Song many songs to sing along to. This is his best work.
5) Asia-Alpha Many people do not like this album. I think it is very good. But anything following the first Asia album is not going to look that good. If this was released first, I think the story may have been different.
6) Def Leppard-Pyromania Took me about a half a year to get into this album, glad it was on the radio a lot, or I may have over looked it.
7) Robert Plant-The Principle of Moments My Favorite Plant solo album
8) Joe Walsh- You Bought It, You Name it. ILBTs, Space Age Whiz Kids, Love Letters and my favorite Shadows..."I am Standing in the middle of my shadow. In between the daylight hours and when the sun goes down".
9) Genesis-Genesis A string of hits, and Mama being the best.
10) Aldo Nova-Subject Aldo Nova As much as I liked the debut album, this one kicks it butt. Heavier, darker, louder and better. Hold Back the Night my favorite Aldo song.
11) Night Ranger-Midnight Madness This album nowadays would be up further on my list. Took over a year for me to get into this album, ever since then I have been a Night Ranger fan. And yes you can Still Rock In America baby!!
12) Yes-90125 Is it Yes or is it not? Either way I liked it.
13) Huey Lewis and the News-Sports
14) Police-Synchronicity First Police album I liked, still really care about the older stuff, and Sting’s stuff has been hit or miss.
15) Duran Duran-Seven and The Ragged Tiger

Best Live Album
Best Hits/Best Of…

Over hyped/poor follow up
AC/DC-Flick the Switch Some good songs, but a flat production takes all the life from them.

Favorite Songs
1) Separate Ways-Journey
2) Mr. Roboto-Styx
3) Total Eclipse of the Heart-Bonnie Tyler
4) Faithfully –Journey
5) Keep The Faith-Billy Joel
6) I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues-Elton John
7) Don’t Let It End-Styx
8) Big Log-Robert Plant Could not always understand what he was saying, but the music really sets a mood for this song that is hard to overcome
9) Mama-Genesis
10) I’m Still Standing-Elton John
11) One Things Leads to Another-Fixx
12) Come and Stay-Paul Young
13) This Night-Billy Joel
14) Longest Time-Billy Joel
15) Sharp Dressed Man-ZZ Top
16) Twilight Zone- Golden Earring
17) Hold Back the Night-Aldo Nova
18) ILBTs-Joe Walsh
19) Shadows-Joe Walsh
20) Edge of the Blade-Journey
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