Y&T - Fibbers, York - 22 September 2013

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Y&T - Fibbers, York - 22 September 2013

Postby Rockingbear » Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:28 am

Fibbers, York - 22 September 2013

Almost 31 years to the day, I walked into the Leeds Queens Hall where Y&T were already on stage, opening for AC/DC on their “For Those About To Rock Tour”. Fortunately, I think that I only missed one song and, therefore, was treated to an awesome set of tracks from the “Earthshaker” and the newly released, at the time, “Black Tiger” albums.

Y&T have consistently, over the years, produced quality albums with some great songs but the aforementioned albums contain three certified classics of the genre: “Rescue You Me”, “I Believe in You” and my own personal favourite the awesome “Forever”.

This was the fifth occasion seeing the San Franciscan melodic rockers and my first visit to Fibbers in York. A sizeable crowd had made their way to the venue, on a Sunday night, and crammed into the low-roofed room which was far too small to accommodate the band back-drop.

The band hit the stage to heroes’ reception with opening to “Forever” before launching into the title track of 1983’s “Mean Streak” album. The sound was very good especially the lead guitar and vocals though the drums were a little thuddy, probably as a result of the venue’s acoustics.

Continuing with the “Mean Streak” album, released thirty years ago, the band stormed through “Straight Thru The Heart”.
“Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” highlighted what an incredible voice that Dave Meniketti still possesses at the grand old age of 60! There are many lead singers who would sell a testicle to sound as good as Dave!

The rest of the band are no slouches when it comes to backing vocals as demonstrated on 1984’s “Don’t Stop Runnin’”.
The distinctive intro to “Black Tiger” cast us back to 1982.

The crowd volume increased with “Dirty Girl”, the first of five tracks from, arguably the band’s greatest album, 1981’s “Earthshaker”.

The brilliant “Midnight In Tokyo” showcased Dave Menekkiti’s vocals and guitar playing in equal measures.

The first of the so-called new songs was “How Long” from “Facemelter” which is now, incredibly, over three years old.
“Lipstick and Leather” was the second song of the evening from 1984’s “In Rock We Trust” released just prior to Y&T’s infamous Monsters of Rock appearance.

The rip-roaring “Hurricane” roused the enthusiastic crowd even further.

The band have rehearsed every song from “Mean Streak” this being the thirtieth anniversary of its release and added the very rarely played “Take It To The Limit” to tonight’s set-list.

One of Dave’s favourite tracks from 1982’s “Black Tiger” is the exquisite power ballad “Winds Of Change”.

The title track of 1987’s “Contagious” preceded “I Want Your Money” from the aforementioned “Facemelter” album.

The classic “Rescue Me” had the crowd in fine voice. The instrumental “I’ll Cry For You” showcased Dave’s phenomenal guitar playing. There are some amazing singers who can play guitar very well and some marvellous guitarists who can sing and, in my humble opinion, Dave Meniketti is the best of them all!

Rhythm guitarist John Nymann took lead vocals on the metal rock ‘n’ roll of “Squeeze” dedicated to the sadly departed, original bass player, Phil Kennermore inciting the muthafuckas in the audience!

The band re-introduced their biggest hit “Summertime Girls” to this year’s UK set-list after obvious fan criticism from dropping it from the last tour. Again, the partisan crowd were in full voice.

The evening highlight had to be the tour-de-force that is “I Believe In You” which is like Skynyrd’s “Freebird” on speed. Dave played and sang like his life depended on it which was no mean feat as he was suffering from the early stages of a cold. I thought that this would have been an ideal track to finish the main set so I was surprised that honour went to the “Facemelter” track “I’m Coming Home”.

The band left the stage briefly to rapturous applause before returning for a well deserved encore. The latter was again, another huge surprise, being “Eyes Of A Stranger”. I can only assume that the dreaded curfew prevented the band from playing my all-time favourite “Forever” which took the gloss off an almost perfect set!
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