SURVIVOR won''t be rising up again!

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SURVIVOR won''t be rising up again!

Postby Flip » Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:42 am

SURVIVOR won’t be rising up again!
I consider myself a treu Survivor fan and have been collecting everything that has got anything to do with my all time favorite band but since Dave Bickler was fired from Survivor I realized my favorite band has stopped!
For me Survivor always was the highest quality of music and off course I’m not very objective since music is a matter of taste and feeling. The sound of Survivor was in my opinion the songwriting duo Peterik/Sullivan and if you look at these two apart from each other than you can see that Jim Peterik is the most creative and has proven to be one of the best songwriters ever! Without Jim Peterik, Frankie Sullivan hasn’t done anything shocking in the music scene. All the muscians that were playing in the band were and are good musicians. Anyone can think of Frankie Sullivan what he wants but no one can disagree with me that he’s a fantastic guitar player. I also think Marc Droubay’s drumming was very important for the Survivor sound in the 80’s. We can start a discusion over Jimi Jamison and Dave Bickler but they both are/were great singers. Robin McAuley is also a great singer but in my opinion not for Survivor, he never nailed the songs the way Jimi and Dave did. Another great thing about Survivor is that besides Frankie non of the members were known as arrogant rock stars. I was very fortunate to have met several band members and these were moments I cherish forever. My meeting with Jim Peterik are priceless and he is my hero! I will always remember sitting with Jimi outside of a Belgian pub and talking about the music we love for about 2 hours, what a humble and very respected great person he was, thanks Jimi!
When Jimi rejoined Survivor and was singing together with Dave on one stage I had high hopes that maybe it would be possible they release a new album but over the years I’ve learned that only one person had the decision in that and it is Frankie Sullivan. Maybe it’s better this way, “Reach” is a good album and fits good in the Survivor cataloque but an album completely without the input of Jim Peterik would not have got the same quality. Cameron Barton is a good singer to do covers but he can never fill the shoes of Jimi and Dave (Robin McAuley’s history with Survivor has made that clear).Not sure what the future will bring but I know fors ure that if the current band that’s called Survivor would release a CD I will buy it fors ure (blind!) cause i twill be part of the collection. I will probably even go and see them if they play somewhere live where it’s possible to go but I would go and see a coverband!
Jim Peterik moved on after leaving Survivor and I can’t thank him enough for releasing new music that comes extremely close to Survivor. The Peterik/Scherer project is awesome, Pride of Lions is super band Toby Hitchcock might be the most amazing singer I ever heard singing. Jimi Jamison’s solo album are great so there is a huge choice for us Survivor fans and that’s what still is left of a legendary band!
Over the years the band recorded many songs that were never released and I don’t think we will ever hear them but let’s just hope that one day someone can make the decision to release them.
Off course I’m sad about the things that happened with Survivor and that my all time favourite band is all about one ego and nothing more but that’s the way it is.
For the coming year we hopefully see the release of Dave Bickler’s first solo album and a new Pride of Lions album and who know what Jim Peterik is working on!
This post has become longer than I had planned but after all that happened I just wanted to share this with you fans and hope we will all keep the legacy alive!
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Re: SURVIVOR won''t be rising up again!

Postby Journey/Survivor » Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:24 am

Great post!!!

It sure would be great if Peterik, Bickler, Droubay and Ellis would record some new material together!!!
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Re: SURVIVOR won''t be rising up again!

Postby Mikele » Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:26 pm

The feelings expressed in your post are shared by most of us. I have just viewed a very recent youtube video and it saddened me to Death to watch the train wrecking.
But, again, Survivor was since the beginning so dysfunctional as a band (read JP book), that trying to re-create a "band" essence that was prolly never there in the first place might just be an impossible task. FS owns it, and if this is rewarding for him then go on, it'ss his right. But I am not buying it (except that there's nothing for us to buy since 2006...)
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